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Komplex, 6 1 MITO

6 1 MITO is a site-specific Augmented Reality installation project within the Eur district, created by Komplex Live Cinema Group with the artistic direction of Mariano Equizzi. Through an APP that transforms the smartphone into a media rental, each individual can capture a corner, a building, a square, walking through the streets of the neighborhood and follow a narrative path thanks to multimedia contributions (audio / video, photos) made in advance and visible in several appearances.

“6 1 Mito” is a three-year project winner of the Public Notice Simultaneously Rome 2020-2021-2022, the cultural program promoted by Roma Capitale, created in collaboration with SIAE, is part of ROMARAMA 2020. The central theme developed in the project consists of a trilogy that reveals the Latin divinities in three experiences (one per year) in augmented reality installed in the places of Eur, in urban and monumental areas. The first year of the project is dedicated to Diana, the second to Venus and the third to Minerva. The three deities represent the three ages of life in the Latin visio. They introduce the user to other gods they meet in the neighborhood and they also appear as normal people. The short sequences that appear on the mobile show the same urban space and suggest a parallel world where the myth walks down the street. Eur becomes the place where all the Gods live and where it is possible to meet them in a large fresco of Latin mythology and the female goddesses are a friendly and lively guide.