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Komplex Live Cinema Group


The Komplex group, made up of Mariano Equizzi (writing and AR Design), Luca Liggio (digital video management) and Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi (music and sound design), comes from experiences of live cinema, interactive cinema and webcinema. Technologies are for Komplex an opportunity and a tool of liberation (almost magical) to create increasingly sophisticated forms of interactivity and immersion freed from rigid codes. Komplex installed experiences on the occasion of urban festivals that had as their object new media, cinema and the essential re-semantization of spaces through technologies: from Perugia to Milan and Turin, from Albuquerque to Palermo, from Columbia to Sofia. Mariano Equizzi, since the 90 ‘, after having trained at the Experimental Center of Cinematography, has dedicated himself to multimedia creation Since 2013 with the Komplex project he is the leading independent creator of augmented reality experiences for urban spaces around the world.


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