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Interview: POST GIGER – a conversation with Martin Rangelov

Martin Rangelov is young and his language in this moment is shifting from the icons of the cinema to something completely new and really powerful. What is surprising is that a 25YO artist involved in fantastic and symbolical art is not interested in software and plug in, he doesn’t use 3d printing and other plugged gizmos.
He is Bulgarian and his coordinates started, as well as in many European countries, watching Hollywood movies: Predator, Batman and other big flick dumped massively all over the world.
But Martin transcended the subject and he create a convoluted art based on mechanical and even biological detail; everything seems a thinking metal. The real matter used in his creations doesn’t matter, his idiom, expressed in endless details carved with his hand, it is an elating representation of eternity. The surfaces of those creations are transmitting us the sensation that Martin’s hands are linked with a sort of VALIS which planned to cover our planet with a “Borg”-like skin. The metallic bricks of his art are deeply promising.
Mariano Equizzi